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Skyrocket your energy levels, and enthusiasm for life
Experience a strong sense of spiritual connectedness – on a much greater and more profound level…
Nip procrastination and lack of motivation in the bud once and for all!
Eliminate ANY crippling fear, guilt and past hurts that keep you settling for ‘second best’ in your life ... in less than ONE SHORT HOUR!
Unlock your money-mind to attract greater financial opportunities and abundance!


From: Richard A. Luck, 9:14 am
To: Those who deserve this incredible gift. 



f you’re ready to start seeing phenomenal results appearing in your life (in just a few short weeks), then reading the contents of this page can very rapidly change your life..


In fact, I believe today could be THE turning point in your life - where you are always going to remember the day you discovered my website.


Here is why:


My name is Richard A. Luck and, this is not your typical personal growth or mind development website.


If you came here expecting to find a repeat of the same old hacked-to-death and rehashed information that, at the end of the day, makes no positive difference to your life - you won’t find that here.


Not even close. Because this site is different ... VERY different.


In fact I'd venture as far as to say... 


“It's Hard For Me To Be Involved... And Not Show My Upmost Gratitude And Appreciation...”

"....just a few words of praise for how you have both 'laid out' and 'worded' this course Richard...  It's hard for me to be involved ... and not show my upmost gratitude and appreciation."

WA 6158, Australia


I Know Of No Other Website That Has As Much
Potential To Dramatically Change Your Life Than
This Very One You're On Right Now...


And as "wacky" as that might sound, it is VERY true, So make sure you pay close attention.

Because not only are you NOT going to find old wishy-washy junk here...

As a special VIP member of my community, you're going to be invited to benefit from some of the most powerful and cutting-edge mind control techniques and tools being used on the planet today for accelerated human change.

…Along with ‘second-to-none’ guidance and support that will help you use these tools in YOUR life -- to their full potential.


With this rare invitation, the world of a much happier, wealthier, more confident and much more energetic life will no longer be closed to you. So...



Prepare Yourself For: 

“I Am So Deeply Touched By Your Guided Visualization… Thank You From The Depth Of Who I Am”

"Dear Richard

I just have to tell you how deeply touched I am by your guided visualization- by what happened inside me first time I followed through - and by your voice and program so far.

There is so much appreciation in me for what you are, what you have to share and how you do share what you know and experienced yourself.  Thank you from the depth of who I am."

Switzerland 9016, CH



A Life-Changing Journey Of Excitement
Adventure And Transformation!



Here’s what's going on: 


For over a decade now, I’ve been helping people just like you to live more vibrant, energy filled, self-aware and powerful lives. In fact, the results my clients get during their short time with me is often "breathtaking" for them (as you're about to discover!)


Some have even said I've been blessed with a "natural gift".


Maybe so.


But the fact is, during this past decade, I've virtually become a “jedi master” in my ability to do these
3 amazing things


'Pin-point' exactly what’s holding a person back in their life…
Rapidly eliminate those destructive thought patterns, habits, fears and obstacles that stand in their way of a better life, by using some very unique, highly effective and cutting-edge techniques  (that I'll tell you about in just a moment...)
And then very quickly 'turning their life around' to be one they are abundantly more happier with, feel grateful for, and are proud of.


And because of this talent, I've been fortunate enough over these years to have helped thousands of people in their quest for a better life.


Here's what just a few of my 'private clients' have to say...



“My Life Has Improved Dramatically
- It's Beyond Words…”

"When I first contacted Richard I was all over the place, my thoughts were everywhere, even though I was into the secret and the law of attraction, I still was all over the place.

Ever since Richard has helped us (myself and my Family) my life has improved dramatically beyond words. What's amazing is things that used to make me react badly don’t now!

I have now found my own "personal power" and live so much more with a positive vibration to the universe..... THIS ALL BEGAN WHEN I MET RICHARD... He led me on the right track to HEAL myself, and in turn my kids will learn to heal themselves and a new generation will be born with higher self esteem...I have already taught my 6yo daughter Chloe some wonderful things!

Thank you Richard, for being my teacher. You have helped me more than you ever will know and I’m forever grateful."

Dianne Aiwaz
Meltone, Australia


And just last week, I helped "Mete" (from Turkey) clear a huge "money-block" that
had affected his life for years...



"I Had Tried Everything - None Of It Seemed
To Work ... And Then I Met Richard..."

"I’ve been involved in personal growth for the better part of the last ten years. Read all the books and attended all the seminars and workshops. Although I got some great results, I still did not live the life that I wanted.

For quite some time, I knew for a fact that I had to change the beliefs in my subconscious mind. I had already tried the widely known methods, such as affirmations, constant positive thinking and creative visualisation. None of it seemed to work.

Well recently, I had the great opportunity to have a personal coaching session with Richard via telephone, and I came away totally satisfied and amazed with it!

Because in little over one hour that he spent with me, Richard and I connected at a very deep level and he made me realise the one crippling belief that was holding me back and conflicting with the main goal of my life!  It was a big A-Ha moment which made everything fall into place.

The session really gave me an x-ray vision about myself. I am totally grateful for everything he has done for me."

All the best,
Mete Topcuoglu
Istunbal, TURKEY


And this is after working with me for only one short hour, over the telephone!   

Obviously my ‘methods’ were working their magic.



Are You Showing Off With These Results?

No. That’s not why I’m showing you.  

I'm showing you these results because there are a lot of so-called "self-help gurus", "wealth teachers", "false prophets" who try to sell you some new age, watered down fluff or information, and a lot of these people have very little experience in personally helping others produce real-world results. (Ask them to show you their client’s results or any form of proof that they know what they're talking about!)

"My Energy Started To Raise To A Whole NEW Level In Self Confidence ... Something That Had Been A Great Void In My Life..."

"Having requested to have a meeting with Richard (who I had never met), I had anticipation & enthusiasm... but I had no certainty of a desired outcome.….

Oh how I was surprised!

Here I found a wonderful, compassionate, deep and quite spiritual man, and as our Mentor / Student relationship developed, my confidence in not only my Mentor grew; but also the confidence within myself started to unfold.  Empowering questions led to empowering answers, and through this process, a whole new world started to open!

It was in our 'one on one' mentoring meetings...I found my way to some major "breakthroughs"!

As this continued in a safe environment that Richard had created, I was joyfully pleased as the weight started to lift from my shoulders. I started to feel lighter and more confident in everything I was working toward - not just in Business but also in life.

I also undertook Richard's "Breakthrough to Brilliance" course and as a result, my energy started to raise to a whole new level in self confidence; something that had been a great void in my life.

I am now a new person with a zest for life without limitation!"

Lorna Willis
Packenham, Australia


Very few are able to prove their case, and most unfortunately know nary a thing about how to live a truly happy, spiritually fulfilled, and fortunate life. 

I myself have no interest in heeding advice from someone with no track-record of success in their own life, and neither should you. 



“I Invited Richard To Speak To My Students…. WOW!”

"When you feel this way, all you want to do is share the learning, and so as a result, I invited Richard to speak to my students, and he graciously accepted. My students too, have experienced a wonderfully peaceful and knowledgeable teacher of wisdom. I have had several students say to me that just one AHA derived from this meeting has changed their lives!

There is no loud and outlandish promotions - just a peaceful wisdom that is shared by those who have knowledge beyond understanding. There are no words for people willing to share such a gift. I am in awe of such gracious giving."

Lorna Willis


The bottom line is, my simple methods get results! 


In fact, scratch that…I get huge results for my clients. 


However, recently…  


But I Found Myself Faced With
A BIG Problem



Here's what happened:


You see, because the demand for my coaching services had become so high over the years (mostly because of my word-of-mouth client referrals), I found that I just couldn’t coach all the people who came to me for help.  


Not only was my time strained, but there were genuine people who were missing out on working with me because my fees for private one-on-one consultation were simply out of their reach.


As you may already know, my clients regularly pay me up to $850/hour for private coaching sessions. And then there's my select clients who outlay between $1,500 - $2,500 for highly custom-tailored Personal Breakthrough Session days with me, plus travel expenses.


So these two factors had become a big barrier for a lot of people who wanted to experience having me as their personal coach.


And as you can understand, because I am deeply passionate

about helping people, this struck a huge cord with me!


...I needed to devise a much better way to offer people my coaching services ... short of cloning myself ... that still kept people happy with similar astonishing results.   


Well, long story short, after many months of deliberation, brainstorming and planning I have finally found it!


And I'm ecstatic to report to you that: 


Right Now It's Changing HUNDREDS Of People’s Lives
In Very Rapid Succession!



And I’m extremely proud of this fact,


But more importantly:


I know for sure that I've come up with a winning formula, and I also know for sure that you’re going to love it!


How do I know this?


Because for starters, by accepting this rare invitation today, you’re literally going to: 


Begin Experiencing More Enthusiasm, Energy,
And Joy
Than 97% Of The People
On The Planet! 


Wouldn't that be nice?


Imagine yourself waking up every morning feeling blessed and energized with quiet anticipation and happiness - instead of being sluggish and uncertain about the day ahead... Just imagine the massive positive difference this would make to your life.


And what if you could maintain having the feeling of real unconditional love and a wonderful positive expectation for new endless possibilities, throughout the day?


Can you imagine how great that would feel? 


Even better... imagine if you knew with undeniable certainty that you can easily build on your existing wealth and success today - because your energy has risen to a whole new level in self confidence, in everything you are working toward...


Well all this no longer just has to be a “pipe dream” with all the tools and guidance you have here right now at your fingertips...  


This is your chance to STOP struggling … to stop waiting for things to happen … and to finally move powerfully forward in all the areas of your life where you want to experience a real passion and greatness ...



Announcing: Richard A. Luck’s

“Breakthrough To Brilliance”
26 Week Course
To Revolutionize Your Life! 





(*the above visual representation of "Breakthrough to Brilliance"
displays only the first 4 modules)

Click HERE For Instant Access!

Forget all the wishy-washy mumbo jumbo you've seen or heard from other so-called 'gurus'.  

Because I have a SECRET...

Remember earlier when I said you were going to get access to some of the most powerful mind techniques and tools?

Well here's the good news for you:

It so happens that, during sessions with my high paying clients, I regularly draw upon a wide variety of skills as an experienced Business Consultant, Life Transformation Coach, Hypnotherapist and Master Trainer of NLP. 

This allows me the freedom and flexibility to use numerous accelerated "personal change techniques" and methods to help my clients make radical positive changes in their life.

Techniques such as: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neurological Re-patterning™, Meridian Tapping  (TFT/EFT), Subconscious Reprogramming, Brainwave Entrainment and Guided Hypnosis.  

Even better, I’ve discovered ways in which this unique combination has proven incredibly effective for bringing about instant and lasting positive change in people.

This is VERY exciting news for you because: 

I've now pressed everything I know about helping you live a richer and more rewarding life (on all levels - financially, emotionally, professionally) into a complete, step-by-step, realistic life transforming system for anyone to get started. 

You Get 26 Success Keys To Instantly
Unlock Everything You Want From Life,
in 26 Weeks 


Breakthrough To Brilliance™ Success Key #1:  A Convenient Truth (Introductory Lesson) 


Learn how to live your life according to YOUR plan! 


            - Owning your own personal power 

            - Warm-up, the perfect start 


This first lesson is all about sowing the seeds for your greatness. Here, I introduce you to your own personal power, and together we start laying the foundations for the next 6-months.  Plus, as we can’t begin anything without taking that first step, I also give you your very first fun activity.  This is specifically designed to give you a far greater awareness of where you are, and exactly what is holding you back - so then you can overcome it! 


Breakthrough To Brilliance™ Success Key #2: A Short Walk To Freedom! 


You’re about to overcome any fears or doubts that are holding you back, in just under an hour! Included for charter members is a free guided visualization process. 


So in this lesson we dive right in and get fear handled!  WHY? Because more than anything else, fear is what stands between you and your dreams. When I learned how to view fear and master it, my whole life changed INSTANTLY!  And I'm going to show you how to do the same.  


I'm not talk about the fear of spiders or heights, but rather the fear of asking your boss for a pay raise, the fear of approaching that guy or girl you really like, the fear of starting your own business, or maybe the fear of discussing relationship problems with your partner. 


PLUS You will get a VERY powerful technique that’ll have your innermost fears flying out the window in a matter of moments! 


Breakthrough To Brilliance™ Success Key #3: Finally Uncover The Astonishing Power Of Your Unconscious Mind


Here you'll get cutting edge, almost 'sneaky' methods to finally CLEAR any Negative and Limiting Beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your goals and desires in just under an hour! 


In this lesson we also create and install NEW empowering beliefs in their place!  


We are going to remove those negative beliefs such as "I'm too old", "I'm not talented enough", "I don't have enough formal qualifications", "I have a bad track record", "I'm too fat", "I'm too thin" or whatever beliefs are preventing right now you from pursuing your desires and goals. 


PLUS ... We start to explore the astonishing power of your subconscious mind to bring you results like you'd never have dreamed possible! 



Unlock Your Extraordinary Master Hidden Within Now! 



All of that in just the first 3 WEEKS! 


I’ll send you weekly lessons for 26 weeks, along with powerful audio, video, and FUN exercises tailored to unhinge the limitless potential you already possess! 



Wait, There's More!

Here Are More Secrets And Abilities You'll Unlock...  

*      You'll realize vast increases in your intuition and a profound improvement in your self-awareness! (you'll find your entire outlook on life becomes expanded...) 

*      Discover your untapped and hidden financial resources! (You’ll discover the real secrets to attracting lasting financial wealth and learn step-by-step how to create new behavioral patterns of abundance!)

*      Find a more meaningful life fueled by purpose and spiritual connectedness

*      Wipe out worry, anxiety, doubt, anger, guilt -- and all other unproductive or destructive thought patterns from your life, for good!  (You’ll blast through your limits of self-sabotage and experience greater emotional freedom...)

*      Establish a crystal-clear focus and awareness of what you truly want from life! (You'll finally clearly recognize your important personal, professional, and financial goals ... so you can go get 'em!)

*      Program yourself for phenomenal success by using the latest in leading-edge mind sciences and new psychology to improve your results in every area of your life:

*      You'll become a powerful leader so that you can inspire and empower others to achieve quantum success! 

*      You’ll know how to easily empower your children with NEW positive traits and behaviors of success, achievement, mindfulness, confidence and self-empowerment (Can you imagine how that would be useful for them in their life?)

*      Begin to re-kindle the fire of passion in your romantic relationships (and even discover how to attract the perfect love relation…

*      Experience increased motivation and inspiration: (Using simple and effective meditations I’ll gently show you the path to getting in touch with your intuition and acting on it…) 

*      Stop garbage mind chatter in your head that limits your finances, health, and happiness -and turn the corner to a new life - a FUN life that you create...

*      Know how to experience greater "self-love", self assurance, more confidence, self esteem and have an expanded awareness! 

*      You’ll be able to take Inspired Action that will yield positive results whenever you want.

*      You’ll get Easy Steps to understanding the Law of Attraction and how to apply it in your life...with attractive outcomes.

*      Break negative habits and replace them with new, positive habits in no time flat! 

*      Banish fears that hold you back ...almost instantly! ( you’ll see the problems of the past disappear…no more being “stuck” or afraid) 

*      Learn how to get the Universe working for you, instead of against you. 

*      Start to begin each day feeling blessed and energized – instead of lethargic and uncertain. 

*      Your senses will be expanded during weekly trainings packed with ooohs and aaahs and moments of inspirational insight and deep feelings of bliss! 

*      And so much more… 

Do this Course and change your life. It really is as simple as that.  


Start Experiencing Astounding Results In YOUR Life Today! 


You 'Now' Have At Your Fingertips
A Guaranteed "Action Plan"


That’s right. I’m literally going to "take you by the hand" and lead you to your brilliance.  I'm going to help you realize what you really are capable of (and it's more than you think right now!)

And we don't stop there. Because along the way, I’ll be showing you how to transform this newly discovered potential into Real-World Results that you can tangibly touch and feel in your life.

This program is a very deep transformational experience. And for many, it is also very high Spiritually.

You'll find that with your new awakening and conviction you are able to Attract the life you truly desire, rather than the one you are choosing unconsciously.

There’s absolutely no doubt that the unique steps and audio processes in Breakthrough to Brilliance™ will become your guaranteed "action plan" for SUCCESS -- in every and any area of your life you choose to apply it. 

And, to ensure you get the absolute best results now and for the long term, I'm making this course available to you week after week in action-sized portions… 








An exciting 15 to 20 page full-color lesson in downloadable .PDF format 
A Video and/or audio lesson (which will include either/or an exclusive guided visualization, relaxing meditation, hypnotic trance inductions, unique NLP processes, an audio lesson, etc.) -- these audios are life-changing!
An easy and fun-to-do practical exercise to complete before moving on
Help and support along the way… to ensure you get maximum results!



It’s just like getting “a little gift in your email box”, each week where you’ll receive a secret download link to unlock your next lesson.


As soon as you place your secure order today, you'll be taken to a secret download page where you can access your first amazing lesson instantly.



 Ready? Sign Up Now



It really is that simple! Give me just 40 minutes per week … and I’ll guide you step-by-step in how to live a wonderfully vibrant, self-aware
and truly powerful life!



In fact, every lesson is Strategically Created in such a way so you'll see BIG results with the program... 

Let me break this down for you..


5 Reasons Why This Program Is So Different To Anything Else...



1. Short and Easy to Digest Each lesson is designed so that you are NEVER overwhelmed. It’s enough to show you results, but never too much to do at once. Easy to read, easy to follow, easy to implement into your life. 
2. Includes Clear Practical Action Steps – Every week you’ll have something to actually DO. Because I’ll be equipping you with numerous "tools", techniques and skills so you can realistically see and feel astounding results within yourself. 

These exercises are specifically designed to give you the best results, with the most enjoyment from the program, in the optimal amount of time. 
3. Builds Step-by-Step As You Go – This program was painstakingly and carefully designed to build upon itself week after week, so that the results you see appearing in your life will build as well – every week you will experience new, very measurable results!  
4. Forces You To Succeed Long-Term - While most ebooks, seminars, or even some high-priced coaching programs usually pile on a bunch of information and leave you to “put it all together” for yourself, that isn't how things are setup in this program.  

By giving you information in ‘workable portions’ each week you'll be more likely to actually do something with the content ... and you'll be more likely to see real tangible results for yourself. Not just for a single weekend, but true change for the long term.
5. Helps You Make Real Progress Breakthrough to Brilliance™ focuses on BOTH your conscious and subconscious minds, putting a large emphasis on creating change at the very deepest level of the mind.  Your subconscious is the REAL powerhouse of your mind - so this aspect is absolutely crucial for any real change or progress to happen in your life.  

As we know, workshops, books and seminars are fantastic for ongoing learning and boosted motivation -- but unfortunately this motivation and excitement is always short lived because no long-term change has taken place at the subconscious level! 
97% of people always find things quickly go back the same way they were (like a rubber band reforms to its original shape).

On the flip side,
Breakthrough to Brilliance™
gives you REAL tangible and fun results with your transformation occurring at the very deepest level of your core.



Now, I know what you're thinking.. 

"But I've Never Made Any Other Program, Workshop, Book, Or Seminar ‘Work’ For Me Before, So I'm Not Sure If This Will Work Either"


That’s a legitimate concern, and you're not alone because it's one I hear all too often.  

That's why I've designed "Breakthrough to Brilliance™" to literally mentor you through each step of the process and show you THE way to get started on your road to a more successful life. 

Aside from the priceless gained knowledge you'll spawn, as well as the ongoing inspiration and incredible “a-haa” moments of realization you’re going to have along the way…  

I’ll also take you deep into uncovering, addressing, and changing unproductive thought patterns, personal values, attitudes and other deep-seated unconscious programming and thought viruses that determine exactly what you achieve in life. 

It will be an exhilarating journey for you! 

“More Valuable To Me Than ANY Of The Other Programs I've Worked With!”

Richard (et at),
I want to say thank you for your program. I have been working for the past couple years to "clear the clutter" so I could move ahead and manifest the situations in my life I truly want...

And your exercises have probably been more valuable to me in that regard than any of the other programs I've worked with. I'm so glad I signed on!

Dina Douglas
CA 91604

But don’t worry if this all sounds like science fiction to you. The only “side effect” you’ll get from using these methods is that of a more balanced, more productive, more self-aware, more successful, more relaxed, and ... more joyful life. 

There's Really Nothing else like it… 

If you haven’t realized it yet, this program is unique and light years beyond what ever else is being offered out there.

Not only that, I have made it insanely affordable for you to start (you will be shocked when you see the low price) …PLUS it also flat-out delivers real LONG-TERM RESULTS for you.

You just have to check out some success stories on this page to see how my material changes people's lives!

But what's more important is the moment you realize how it can change your life starting from the instant you consume your first lesson.

If you think you can get what I’m offering you here in some book – or even a high priced weekend seminar - that's great, I honestly wish you all the best.

But if you would like personal help in paving the way to an accelerated success, this is the REAL deal and may be your very last chance to finally break free and fulfill your dreams.  


You're Just One Click Away From Getting
Your Success Story Published Here


“Exponential Spiritual And Tangible
 Growth... It's AMAZING!”

"Hello Richard, my name is David Kraft and I want to thank you for the way you have written this program. Since beginning with the program 5 weeks ago I have noticed exponential spiritual and tangible growth. It's AMAZING - and I can thank your training for it.

Also I thank you for making the program reachable economically in the beginning especially."

David Kraft



"I want to thank you so very much because as I did the exercise, I was able to
replace an old fear that I have had for many many years.
I was so delighted that I could do this and will use it on many more fears that I have!


I know that it took you some time to make this disk for me and to mail it to me, and I want you to know how much that I appreciate you taking that time to do it. One doesn't usually get such personal service on the programs that they buy!

I can feel that you do care and want the best for all of us."

Much love and many hugs,

TX 78028, US


We have hundreds of stories just like these flooding in from our
students across the globe. What will your success story be? 

We can't wait to hear your story! Breakthrough To Brilliance™ is changing lives around the world and we're excited that you'll be next. 

Become The Next Success Story Right Now!

I've Made It Easy For You To Say 'Maybe'

This is as super-easy as it gets.  

My secrets, guidance, and tools are not untested academic theories; They have all been proven to produce incredible results in today's "real" world:


"You Have Helped Me To Re-Connect To The Brilliance Of My Being...My Passion...My Purpose…”

"There Have Been Many Breakthroughs On Many Levels!"

"Hi Richard,

My name is Salamatu Lot and I am currently digesting and working through Lesson 6 in My Breakthrough to Brilliance supported by your insights and teachings. I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for being one of the visionaries and teachers in my life.

You have helped me to re-connect to the brilliance of my being, my passion, my purpose ... and my divine right and responsibility to manifest and enjoy the highest vision that pulsates in my very being.

At this stage, there have been many breakthroughs on many levels and I only have a few moments right now so I will reach out to you later with a more detailed sharing, but I just had to thank you for following your path and calling which has lit the way for me and I dare say many others!"

Yours in Peace and Magnificent Blessings

Your Student,
NY 10451, US

 So Why Am I Keeping
The Price So Low?


The whole package, including the 4 handy modules each month packed with strategies to fully quantum leap your life in record time, along with weekly guided audios, exclusive video training, practical exercises and bonus gifts can be yours today for only a measly $47 per month(*for a
limited time only, see below for the special charter member's discount I've promised you today)


There's two simple reasons I've decided to price this so low.  


First, I wanted to make it affordable to everybody. I know that the economy and current recessions have been hard on you. I don't want that to be what stops you from experiencing this level of immense personal growth and freedom in your life.


Second, in my own unique way, I'm sticking it to those “gurus” who are charging way too much. It's my belief that the more you give, the more you get. 


Because in all honesty, the training and tools inside Breakthrough To Brilliance™ could easily be packaged up and presented in a $5,000 seminar. Easily.  


But the problem even then is... it would be hard to beat the value I’m giving you here today because Breakthrough To Brilliance™ gives you gold-class ongoing guidance, unlimited access to my guided audios, and a very cleverly presented “action orientated” delivery format.  


It just can’t be beaten. A high priced seminar simply could not deliver as good of a result as what I can do for you when you follow this course.


And look, it's the internet... With no need to hire a venue or catering staff, it doesn't cost me very much to create and deliver this product, so I don't have to charge as much for it.

Yep, it's that simple.  


Get The Course Today! 



But there's a catch...



* Only 500 Lucky Charter Members Will Be Accepted



Lock-In Now And Save $27 Per Month
Warning: This Offer Is Valid For The
First 500 (And Shrinking Fast) Members Only 

The regular price for a weekly subscription to Breakthrough To Brilliance™ is $47.00 per month. And it's worth every penny of it, to be sure. 

However, as an introductory offer we're making 500 charter memberships available at only $19.95 per month. 

If you lock-in as a CHARTER MEMBER, you will never
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By joining today as a charter member, you'll always pay only $19.95 per month for the 6-month membership. That's right, when regular pricing kicks in, you'll be "grandfathered" in and your price will never increase for as long as you remain active.

And that's not all, order right now and get these special incentives:

Fast Action Bonus 

If you join today, you will automatically receive a LIFETIME access pass to these ongoing bonus gifts at various intervals throughout the course for FREE. Currently available are the following downloadable bonuses worth $196 (now $348.00) 

*    2 quantum visualization audios (not available anywhere else). 

*     Additional audio and video kick in the pants “brain-boosters” (not available anywhere else) 

*     Insider VIP discounts! 

*     Relaxing and intuitive meditations (not available anywhere else) 

*     A totally mind-expanding audio brainwave entrainment meditation gift half-way through the course (valued at $98)   

*     A BIG Graduation Bonus on completion of the course that’s worth more than the entire 6 month investment!  

And the value of these bonuses is still growing because I’m listening to my VIP charter members and adding to the program as they’ve requested.  

By joining today you will get these same privileges, as well as FREE updates to the course for as long as you remain an active subscriber of Breakthrough To Brilliance™

Notice : This offer will be removed without warning. If you come back later and it is not available, please do not ask. Once it is removed, the removal is permanent.  

The reality is this
: At only $19.95 per month, you can't afford NOT to become a member. Think of all of the things you'll finally achieve in your life! How important is that to your relationships, your career, and your life?  

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"The Potential For Change Is
Just Phenomenal!”

Can I just say that the BtoB program is really cool....have been reading through the lessons and listening to some of the audios and have come up with some awesome insights! If people followed this through properly right through to the end, the potential for change is just phenomenal!"

Debbie Campbell
NLP Health Coach
, Australia


“This Is Just What I Have Always Wanted...

You Brought Tears To My Eyes
Several Times...”

Hello and good day to you, Mr Richard A. Luck.

Must say that I am so very happy to be on this course with you. I am very impressed with Lesson #2 and I wait in anticipation for lesson #3. Your life story is so very similar to mine, and that is what makes me comfortable with you.

I am totally excited to be going through this journey at this time of my life with you, Thanks. This is just what I have always wanted. You brought tears to my eyes several times, and precious memories and event came rushing through.

Thus far you have delivered what you promise, and I look forward to more of this life changing experience."

Till then.
Beverly Charles.

lizzbubbles_14_@XXXX  .com



“Isn't It Time You Quit Your Old Life...
And Finally Became The Successful Person
You Once Dreamed You Could Be…?”

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“My Feelings Are JOY, Pleasure…Relief…And
An Uplifting Feeling That All Is 'on Its Way'
For Me…I Am So EXCITED!”

"Hi Richard

I have had the feeling of quiet anticipation since Christmas and have been watching the videos and reading my script each day, doing the exercises and meditating, waiting for something to happen...

….And this evening I had a breakthrough!

A relationship had become rather distant and I didn't know just how I could let go. It was done for me and my feelings are of joy, pleasure (for him), relief (that I didn't have to make any decision) and an uplifting feeling that all is 'on its way' for me. I am so EXCITED - at WHAT I am not sure - that I had to tell someone and who better than you.

I love the whole program and am working on the 'bugs' that need ironing out in my life.

Things are not nearly so bad as they were - or at least seemed to be. Thank you for being there and listening to me."

Kind regards

WA 6030, AU



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